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We love what we do and we do what our clients love & work with great clients all over the world to create thoughtful and purposeful websites.


What does it take to make your business operations performed in the digital world and getting the results that you desire? That’s what dotnokta provides. Your idea starts with business consultation then moves to project planning, logistic solutions. Then you will need digital and social procedures of web & app development, web design, marketing analysis, marketing planning, and graphic design.
This means that from the moment you have an idea to the moment your idea is advertised and conversions are made, dotnokta will guide the whole process. Here are the five essential services your business definetly needs to reach absolute success:
Project Planning

Project Planning

  • It’s time to be off the list of non-successful & struggling projects. With the proper planning by dotnokta specialists, your business idea will convert into a profit generation process. We study your idea for you and do the proper planning with high international standards.
Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

  • Make your business stand out from the crowd with the apt software programs and applications. This means that you’ll join the club of unique businesses that meet their objectives and be ahead of your competitors with dotnokta's professional programming skills and experience.
Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

  • If you want to create the best customer experience with your business platform, then you need the right programming and design expertise. How? By letting dotnokta take care of your website at both front-end and back-end levels besides having completely free of technical problems.
Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

  • In the world of fast technological advancement, you surely need to marry your services with the mobile experience. This is an ever-changing technology and needs special developing companies. make your business reach massive numbers of customers on their phones.
Gorgeous Graphics & Design Services

Gorgeous Graphics & Design Services

  • Graphic design services give you the ability to speak the visual language, define your brand's personality, and attract the right people. With all other services and technologies your business needs, it’s always better to have the right presentation that grabs the customer’s full attention.
Digital Marketing & Advertising

Digital Marketing & Advertising

  • How can the differentiation points of your business be presented to the audience? It’s the job of the professional marketers at dotnokta who will study your market deeply & come up with the best marketing plan, strategy, and programs at all levels digitally, outdoor, and in person.
Logistic Solutions

Logistic Solutions

  • Delegate the physical work of your commercial business to dotnokta, and the logistic team will take care of it from the manufacturing phase to the delivering-to-customer one including packaging your items. You'll just sit back & observe the performance while we do the rest.

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How we work?9 Steps for an Effective Business Strategy:

Follow the path of successful entrepreneurs and businesses by covering all the needed studies and implementation steps.
For a strong business to be built, you need to apply varied types of skills that combine the technological and business understanding.
Digital Marketing & Advertising


Find Your Project Idea

If you have a budget that’s been saved from your regular job or other sources, and you want to invest it in a project, then you need a profitable creative idea.
You don’t know which idea to choose? dotnokta has guaranteed that finding for you. With deep research, which our professionals offer, you will find a project that gives a solution to the market and brings conversions


Research & Studies

So, you have an idea and you think it will make a good business opportunity in the market. How will you be so sure?
This is where you need a thorough study of the value that your idea will bring to the market & the segments of customers it serves.
The good news is you don’t need to become an expert to understand the potentials of your project outcome. Dotnokta’s team has wide experience in entrepreneurship and startup projects. Therefore, we will prepare project research that will widen your vision of the results you can get.


Project Building

Projects aren’t built by one person even if this is your own idea. You need to delegate tasks and use the skills of others. Your project implementation needs digital, graphic, logistic, financial, legal, and marketing efforts that you cannot cover by yourself.
By having the varied skillful team of dotnokta by your side, the performing of your business steps will be secure and successful.


Marketing Planning

The three elements of any business are: the product or service, the customers, and the way you reach them. Reaching your customers means you need to develop a professional marketing plan, and that requires a deep understanding of markets, competition, targeting, and promotion. It also requires learning about customer relationship management CRM.
Our specialized marketing marketers will take over where the project team left and bring your business to the next level where you reach, engage, convert many customers and build a very long profitable relationship with them.

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Digital Platforms

In today’s world of business, physical evidence was replaced by digital identity to create a real rapport with the clients and customers. This involves the right knowledge and experience related to website development, apps, programming, and electronic services. Yes! Targeted audiences need to see a professional website with professional services and mobile applications as well.
Our programmers and developers will take care of that part of your work in a compatible way with your marketing objectives and project value.


Social Media

Businesses need shoutouts. They need exposure and communication with customers all over the world. This is dominated by social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (particularly for B2B) plus Google searching engines.
With you focusing on the idea, managing your time, and communication, you will need the social media platforms taken care of. We will build the social accounts and make them appealing on both performance and visual sides.



We will take the wheel with you to make sure your ship is sailing in the right direction. We will manage the data and information coming from your platforms and implement the needed logistic steps and marketing actions.
Managing your projects means working and organizing the process and taking the right corrective actions. This is done on the level of digital operations like social media campaigns, and the logistic level such as finding suppliers and services that add to your project.


Reporting and Evaluation

dotnokta will create a system of reports where you receive the performance and the data related to your business in an organized way regularly. Reports don’t reach you alone. They come with the experts’ evaluation and improvement suggestions so your business can be enhanced along the way.



Because dotnokta’s main core value is being growth-oriented, we always seek the growth and the expansion of our clients’ businesses. So, taking your project to the next step requires an improvement plan where dotnokta’s team designs development projects for your business escalation.
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Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test. Override the digital divide.

4 Highly Important Reasons
for Choosingdotnokta

These are undeniable advantages of hiring dotnokta for your business excellence. The main one is offering our clients greater value since we provide more benefits. But that's not all. Here are the top 4 reasons that will make you comfortable while cooperating with us
True Digital Transformation
dotnokta is the only company that uses the term Digital Transformation. In addition, dotnokta covers the details of the customers’ businesses from A to Z including the part that is related to logistics. We take care of your business from the idea phase to the expansion one and move it from paper to screens.
Huge Connection Base
The connections of dotnokta exceed the borders of one country and reach locations like Europe and Gulf countries. These connections cover the varied fields of services like legal, commercial, trading, design, translation, logistics, and media.
4 Highly Important Reasons for Choosing dotnokta
Partnering with Successful Projects
dotnokta has the ability to adopt successful projects and becoming a partner. This follows the core value of dotnokta which is "helping societies through adopting entrepreneurial projects that bring value to others."
Varied Skills in the Pool
Our environment at dotnokta is an amazing pool of skills and talents. There are a lot of different skills that can cover all the customers’ needs starting from the programming skills and culminating with strong communication and languages.

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    dotnokta Clients
    Dana Jabri
    I’m glad that dotnokta took care of all my business details. They did almost everything for me starting with product research and ending with the programmed platforms.
    Dana Jabri
    CoHomed Co-founder & Quality Director
    Nour Al Refai
    Topttive was handled by the wonderful developers and designers of dotnokta and now we are selling fashion items around the world easily and with zero problems
    Nour Al Refai
    Topttive Co-founder & Social Media Specialist
    It's a wonderful feeling of comfort and confidence to finally find the perfect professional company that could take care of your online business from A to Z. Dotnokta is always ready to fulfill our requirements and updates besides being there whenever we need help.
    Raneem Koubaitary
    Qubatrus Founder/Art Director
    I’m glad that dotnokta took care of all my business details. They did almost everything for me starting with product research and ending with the programmed platforms.
    Revoie Founder & Owner
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    To transfer your business into the electronic world, we gathered professionals in the field to make your processes smooth. We provide apt solutions to make effective, efficient, & well-controlled operations that’ll allow you to save resources. dot nokta yazılım is a software company established in Istanbul/Turkey Registered under the number 3101194125

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