(These questions will ensure your project has a more effective website)

Today, get rid of the problems that many entrepreneurs and business owners encountered when creating their websites. The statistics may be shocking, but the failure rate of websites has reached 68% of all projects and cost thousands of dollars to their owners. In the following, you will get acquainted with the most important questions that you must ask a website designer before starting work in order to avoid falling into problems after creating the site.


Question 1: What are the details of the post-delivery technical support?

You should know the details of the support provided by the company or the designer developing your website, and what kind, cost, and method of assistance you receive. With your knowledge of these subtle details, you will avoid falling into problems that many businessmen and entrepreneurs have encountered as a result of not receiving the necessary and sufficient assistance they need, especially in the event of any defect or desire to amend.


Question 2: Does the website design include domain subscription and hosting?

It may seem simple, but this detail is important and fundamental to the consequent increase in costs you may be surprised when the company designing your website charges you for. Therefore, clarifying this important point is very necessary before starting the implementation of the site.


Question 3: Does the website design include content writing and adding images?

Website owners believe that the website includes the content writing service and adding appropriate images. This causes problems upon delivery. Although most companies and developers provide content writing services and graphics, many of them may not be explicit about this point when planning to build a site.


Question 4: Can I get everything related to my website on demand?

Some project owners face problems related to not obtaining everything related to their sites, such as the domain and the registration of your business address on Google Maps, etc. This happens as a result of not mentioning this part in the contract with the developers, which may cause an obstacle to the project and the website. You might be stuck with this problem until the term of the contract expires. When writing the contract for the design and development of the site, it must be mentioned in the contract that you, as the owner of this platform, have the right to obtain all the details of the site and control it at any time in addition to ensuring that the site is moved quickly and smoothly at the end of the contract period.


Question 5: Will the site control panel be given to me?

Many of the site owners have been subjected to financial extortion because of being delivered their website without the control panel. Which prompted them to rely on designers and developers when any modification or addition is needed. And because your website is the center of your business or your company in digital reality, you need to have complete control over it.


Five important questions … one answer

Get the comprehensive service today at dotnokta through free and permanent technical support when establishing your website in addition to the control panel for your site, which enables you to change the password and make adjustments as you like. You can also allow the professional developers and programmers of dotnokta to carry out the process of managing the site, written and visual content plus the e-marketing process. Also, you will not be concerned about reserving the domain and hosting. In other words, you and your work team will be devoted to developing your business and improving your services and products. Moreover, dotnokta will add your company’s location on Google Maps to enable quick and easy access to your business and services by customers.

At dotnokta, everything related to your website will belong to you, and therefore any transfer of anything related to your platform, whether before or at the end of the contract period, is a very smooth and fast process with no obstacles.

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